What is the Best Dog Food for your Pet?

I’ve got a new house mate… a puppy!

It’s like a son to me… I really care about him.

Here’s something that I’ve just found that may be useful to other dog owners:

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Diet & Fitness Routine… Top 10 Tips

Check out this video by Amelia Liana where she presents her top 10 tips to getting a healthier and slimmer body!

Just follow a few of these simple tips and you’ll start seeing results… Yes… it’s that simple!

So… what are you waiting for?

I’m thinking of creating a new YouTube channel dedicated to health and fitness. What do you think about it? Would you follow it? What themes and subjects would you like to see me present?

Feel free to leave your comments below.

Next week I’ll try to post another post with useful tips. The video channel will take longer… unfortunately!

So… see you next week!

Be fit and healthy 🙂

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I Sow Healthy Habits to Reap a Healthy Life

Are you familiar with the saying; “what you sow is what you reap?” I have been reflecting on these words for a few days now and I’m trying to wrap my head around its implications on my personal life. I was never an avid fitness fanatic but I admire those who hit the gym on a regular basis.

Honestly, I envy their discipline and covet their healthy lifestyle. When I ask these buffs and beauties about their secret, most of them confess that properly choosing what you eat is of prime importance. You always get something out of what you include daily on your diet.

Depending on whether you eat brown rice over white rice or choose bottled juice over sugarless fresh fruit or vegetable juice, you could either reap benefits or face disaster. I have been thinking about yacon syrup benefits, particularly those that provide a healthy and fit lifestyle. A lot of my friends sing their praises over this syrup although I would rather eat the root crop fresh and crunchy like a snack. “Where can I buy yacon syrup?” you may be asking…

Some say that the syrup tastes like caramel, while experts assert that there is more to it than meets the eye. Since yacon is quite low in sugar, maybe it can help people with diabetes. Due to its healthy contents, I am sure that it can also prevent the onset of the disease.

That makes me want to try it all the more. After all, eating well right now (and that doesn’t merely involve yacon) will help me reap the benefits of a healthy life in the future.

Holistic Workout Equals Overall Wellness

I am first-timer to the fitness and exercise world and I have yet to find a program that will best work for me. I want to try workout routines that target my overall wellness but I have no idea where to start.

I am into dancing in college and I hope to find a program that will be on the same wavelength as this. I still want to improve my flexibility without overtaxing my body. Of course, it would be preferable that the exercises be simple enough to follow.

Yoga sounds good to me at first but I am undecided on its premise. I want to have variety on my routines because I have a tendency to get bored easily. And since I still have my studies to focus on, I would prefer that I can incorporate the program in my everyday schedule.

My friend introduced me to Scott Sonnon flowfit program and its effect to the body. It is a combination of ballet, yoga and physical therapy in one. Flowfit promises to improve a person’s endurance and flexibility due to its varied approaches.

The routine goes from simple to advance. It even made use of props for those who are having a hard time at first. In 14-18 minutes daily, it is possible to have a holistic workout right at the comfort of your home.

Flowfit sounds tailor-made to my needs and I immediately purchased a DVD. Just like what it promises, the blend of techniques used in the program suits my preference. It is just like dancing but with a clear mindset to get well. I feel the flexibility of my body improves as I progress from every level.


I am now on the advanced stage and I love it. For a first-timer, I was able to maximize my work out and enjoy while doing it. Thanks to Flowfit.

My Potential Solutions to My Weight Problem

No one can deny that every individual has a weakness when it comes to the subject of weight loss. Not only would you need to have great discipline to successfully follow a very strict diet plan, but also the right amount of time to spare walking or running around your neighborhood just to keep your body fit. So because of this, I became a bit picky with what exactly I’d do to address my weight problem.

The first thing I thought about is fish oil. There is a big bottle of fish oil that my cousin recently gave to me. He said that it’s filled with a lot of omega-3 fatty acids, and after researching about this particular substance, there’s absolutely no way that I will be skipping a dose of this wonderful supplement.

omega-3 fatty acids

The other option I’ve discovered is saffron extract. This is a nice way to help deal with food cravings, especially if you’re a person who has an Achilles heel to sweets. The only problem I have is not knowing how to take saffron extract, as there have been quite a number of people suggesting varying dosages to experience its maximum potential.

Moving on, I figured that since I’m fond of spreading mushrooms on most of the dishes I make, I’d be searching for a particular species of this amazing ingredient that packs nice benefits to keeping a healthy body. This led me to come across reishi mushrooms.

These mushrooms, apparently, are well-known among traditional Chinese medicine practitioners, primarily because of how they can build strength and counter fatigue. Unfortunately, I’ve only managed to find anecdotal evidence regarding its ability to aid in weight loss, but since it has no side effects, I don’t think I’d be in a loss should I use reishi mushrooms in my dishes.

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